Jackaroo Property

About Us

The Jackaroo Property Partnership (Jackaroo Property) commenced operations in 2006 and is focused exclusively on real estate investment. We are responsible for sourcing, underwriting, evaluating, negotiating and placing debt, mezzanine and equity transactions.

We market Australian and New Zealand based property investment opportunities to a small number of wholesale domestic and international investors and manages those investments on their behalf. Our interests are aligned with that of our investors by investing our own money on the same terms in any transaction introduced to co- investors.

Our principals have many years of successful real estate experience in banking, commercial and retail construction and leasing.  This combined with in – house financial analysis , enables the principals to approach any possible development opportunity presented with realistic economic projections.

Jackaroo Property’s’ management philosophy put simply is to “to deal with quality people involved in quality projects”. We measure success by the financial returns generated and by gauging what our development partners and investors think of us. Our aim is always to achieve a win/win scenario.

We also believe any development must enhance its local community; possess a strong architectural theme, look great and include a “liveability” factor – assisting in the creation of buildings where people are happy to work, live or relax.

Our Philosophy – “Measure twice cut once’.

We believe the cost of avoiding mistakes is always less than the cost of rectifying them. We demand the highest standards of procedural discipline, executive equanimity and attention to detail.

Our Guiding Principles:

Our People are driven by the following guiding principles:

  • Quality Commitment – An uncompromising commitment to do the best job we can in producing quality outcomes for our investors.
  • Integrity – Be fair, ethical and honest with our clients, suppliers and employees.
  • Accountability – Accept responsibility for our decisions and honor our commitments.
  • Teamwork – The component parts of our business and projects must be coordinated to come together efficiently.
  • Planning – A planned approach to everything we do, resulting in a “no surprises policy” and ability to meet ongoing business requirements and changes in a controlled way.
Jackaroo Property