Jackaroo Property

Value Proposition

1.ASSESSMENTIn the assessment of every transaction we assess and price risk. The assessment process focuses on mitigation of the following:

  • Market risk
  • Project risk
  • Town planning risk
  • Environmental risk
  • Construction risk
  • Financing risk
  • Cost variance risk
  • Leasing risk
  • Pricing risk
  • Exit risk

2. PROPOSALConsider structuring of the proposed transaction to maximise returns and minimise risk.

3. INVESTMENT STRATEGYMaximising the investment performance through the successful execution of the Investment Strategy via:

  • Identification of appropriately priced investment opportunities
  • Identification and assessment of possible development or enhancement options
  • Review project feasibility¬† and undertake detailed risk assessment
  • Third party appraisal and market research
  • Negotiation of the favourable acquisition contract terms and conditions
  • Sourcing debt financing
  • Formulation of project realisation and exit strategies
  • Co-ordination of necessary town planning and other authority approvals
  • Appointing key consultants including town planners, engineers, architects and lawyers
  • Managing and co-ordinating the design process
  • Appointment and co-ordination of construction management services
  • Overseeing
    • completion of all contracted building works within time and budget
    • leasing campaigns
  • Co-ordination of the marketing and sale of the Project
  • Arranging for the valuation of the Project as and when required or considered to be necessary or desirable.


  • Preparation and distribution of reports to Investors
  • Lease reviews and negotiations
  • Overseeing the performance of any debt financing obligations
  • Procurement of legal advice as required
  • Procurement and provision of accounting, taxation, audit and corporate reporting services
  • Arrangement of appropriate insurances
  • Calculation and ensuring payment of Investor distributions
  • Responding to Investor queries

Jackaroo Property