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We only assess loan opportunities provided Project Sponsors can demonstrate an alignment with our philosophy and guiding principles of operation.

Our Loans assume many different structures dependent on borrowers needs.

1. Traditional mezzanine in a value-added transaction.

This is the most common form of mezzanine financing. Mezzanine financing is a type of subordinate debt financing structure that provides funding between the senior loan and the equity in a development.

Generally, mezzanine financing takes the form of a second mortgage loan that provides the sliver of financing from 75% to 85% percent of the total capital requirements.

Under this arrangement we require that investors/ or lender get paid from the first available cash flow and before the developer get any real distributions.

2. Preferred Equity.

Many borrowers often do not want the mezzanine in the form of debt; therefore the mezzanine lender becomes an investor in the ownership of the borrower and has a preferred return and a liquidation preference prior to the equity investors.

Jackaroo Property